This function works by bundling source package, and then uploading to Once building is complete you'll receive a link to the built package in the email address listed in the maintainer field. It usually takes around 30 minutes. As a side effect, win-build also runs R CMD check on the package, so build_win is also useful to check that your package is ok on windows.

check_win_devel(pkg = ".", args = NULL, manual = TRUE,
  quiet = FALSE, ...)

check_win_release(pkg = ".", args = NULL, manual = TRUE,
  quiet = FALSE, ...)

check_win_oldrelease(pkg = ".", args = NULL, manual = TRUE,
  quiet = FALSE, ...)



package description, can be path or package name. See as.package() for more information


An optional character vector of additional command line arguments to be passed to R CMD build if binary = FALSE, or R CMD install if binary = TRUE.


For source packages: if FALSE, don't build PDF vignettes (--no-build-vignettes) or manual (--no-manual).


If TRUE, suppresses output.


Additional arguments passed to pkgbuild::build().


  • check_win_devel: Check package on the development version of R.

  • check_win_release: Check package on the release version of R.

  • check_win_oldrelease: Check package on the previous major release version of R.